CHVRCHES strike back against gender norms on the bold ‘Good Girls’

Photo Credit: Sebastian Mlynarski & Kevin J Thomson

The rollout of the new CHVRCHES album has seen no shortage of intrigue. The Scottish electronic-pop trio led by Lauren Mayberry kickstarted the Screen Violence era back in April with an assertive mansplain clapback in “He Said She Said”, then last month enlisted The Cure’s Robert Smith for the collaborative “How Not To Drown”. This week, with the band’s forthcoming fourth studio album set for release August 27 via Glassnote, CHVRCHES strike with a fever on the flashy “Good Girls,” a glistening stomper of a track that was the second track the group wrote for the record. And it’s packed with meaning.

“The opening line — ‘killing your idols is a chore’ — was something I wrote after listening to some friends arguing about the present day implications of loving certain problematic male artists; I was struck by the lengths that people would go to in order to excuse their heroes and how that was so juxtaposed to my own experiences in the world,” says Mayberry. “Women have to constantly justify their right to exist and negotiate for their own space. We’re told that Bad Things don’t happen to Good Girls. That if you curate yourself to fit the ideal — keep yourself small and safe and acceptable — you will be alright, and it’s just not fucking true.”

Amen. Get into it below.