Praises shares a haunting cinematic-pop vision of ‘A World On Fire’

Photo Credit: Julia Wittmann

It takes only a few seconds for “A World On Fire,” the latest single from Toronto-based project Praises, to completely pull the listener into its magnetic orbit. A haunting twirl of cinematic electronic-pop fit for overnight think sessions and early morning drives off to nowhere in particular, the track pulsates with a sort of calm tension as it hovers in hypnotic suspension. Praises is the brainchild of Canadian artist Jess Crowe, and this summer they ready a new EP titled EP4, set for August 5 release via Hand Drawn Dracula.

It’s maybe a bit appropriate that “A World On Fire,” as it approaches topics of mortality, identity, and love, concludes the four-track record, but maybe we won’t think that after we hear the entire thing. All we know is that we’re drawn to Crowe’s dark and atmospheric aura as “A World On Fire” shifts and aches across its near five-minute runtime. It arrives today (June 22) complete with a video directed by Jordan Allen. Absorb it below.

“This song is a collaboration with my good friend Short Bloom,” Crowe says. “The hope was to embody the momentum of social justice built in chaos of 2020. The feeling of the world burning around you and lighting a torch off the simmering embers. Jordan Allen perfectly distorts the visuals to make one feel both trapped, uneasy and empowered.”


Praises will likely pull back the veil on EP4 with a New Colossus Session set for July 2 at 5 p.m. EDT, broadcasting from the festival’s Facebook page. We’re excited to hear more.