A Place To Bury Strangers crank it up around town on ‘I Might Have’

Photo Credit: Heather Bickford

With the past year we’ve all had, anyone who wants — needs? — to drive around their neighborhood listening to A Place To Bury Strangers at an ear-splitting volume gets a free pass from us. Hell, the streets of Allston around Great Scott were once filled with the piercing sounds of “I Know I’ll See You” and “Don’t Think Lover” permeating through the midnight hours some 15 years ago, and with yesterday’s (June 1) release of new song “I Might Have,” we might hop in the car down to the old barn and ride at 11 once more.

That’s pretty much what Oliver Ackermann and crew — now flanked by new members John Fedowitz (bass) and Sandra Fedowitz (drums) — do at the start of the video for “I Might Have,” cruising the streets of Brooklyn listening to the track on weathered cassette before getting into all kinds of psychedelic freak-out trouble. We wouldn’t advise playing guitar on the roof of a moving Honda Accord like Ackermann does, but the music of APTBS has led many a person to do crazy shit, no matter where located.

“‘I Might Have’ is about the insecurities of life and growing up and when you just have to turn around and say ‘fuck it,’” Ackermann says in a statement. “Life sucks so we may as well have a good time.”

This new sonic banger absolutely rips, and captures the soul like those early records did. “I Might Have” comes from APTBS’ forthcoming Hologram EP, set for release July 16 via the band’s newly formed label Dedstrange. Let loose with the video below.