Forester cast a mood of nature through an indie-electronic ‘Symphony’

Via artist

We’ve all traveled to places near and far over the course of our lives to find inspiration. For Los Angeles indie-electronic duo Forester, the source material for their chill new tune “Symphony”, released this past Friday (May 7), was found roughly 300 miles up the West Coast, nestled in one of the most gorgeous and awe-inspiring locations on the continent.

“We spent an entire day walking a remote coastline in Big Sur looking for waves to surf,” says the singer/songwriter duo of Xander Carlson and David Parris. “It felt like these beaches went on forever — around every corner was something new. There was this infinite feeling that we both wanted to encapsulate in music — that’s how we started writing ‘Symphony.’”  

The setting fuels “Symphony” with a tender vulnerability and low-key allure, though its panoramic approach of absorbing the energy of life around us works for wherever one might be. The arrival of “Symphony” and its repeat-play capability marks the follow up to Forester’s December 2020 album A Range of Light, and a new album is set for release later this year. In the mean time, drift away with “Symphony” below.