Eliza & The Delusionals take us back to the Before Times with ‘YOU’

Photo Credit: Kurt Skuse

Now that we are finally starting to emerge out of this global pandemic nightmare, we’re starting to recall what life was like in the so-called Before Times. IRL parties, live shows in the late-night clubs, and anthemic new music from around the world filled our lives in a way that we certainly took for granted at the time. And there was probably no new artist we gravitated towards quite like Eliza & The Delusionals.

The Australian band, led by Eliza Klatt, exploded into our hearts n’ playlists with singles like “Just Exist” and “Pull Apart Heart”, and their remarkable March 2020 sophomore EP A STATE OF LIVING IN AN OBJECTIVE REALITY hit just as everything shut down for an indefinite period of time. We couldn’t wait to see the band over here on our shores.

But we can fire up the anticipation train once again, as Eliza & The Delusionals today (May 7) release a warm embrace of a new track called “YOU”. It’s a one-off single from the band, and the type of track that pushes forward, reminding us of better days, and sparking excitement for what’s to come. Holy shit — we can’t wait to listen to this on the way to a BBQ, the beach, or just pretty much anywhere folx are assembled.


“YOU” is a big, emboldened alt-rock jammer that delves into a personal relationship that’s falling apart. “‘YOU’ was written as a point of view type situation of any type of relationship where you just can’t possibly do enough for a person, only to have them give nothing in return and pretty much throw it back in your face,” says guitarist Kurt Skuse. “Essentially watching someone fall apart and knowing there’s nothing more you can do to help. That’s why it’s called ‘YOU’, it’s for you.”

Dealing with selfish people through a one-sided relationship and sorting out all the mental anguish and frustration they put you through? Now that really feels like life in the Before Times. We’ll embrace it fully. Listen to “YOU” below, and peep the throwback styles of the track’s music video after the jump.