Violet Nox harness the hush of a ‘Whispering Galaxy’ on new EP

Photo Credit: Callie Chapman

Violet Nox have made sense of the silence. The silence that doesn’t need further explanation — the ugly one that’s been grinding in our ears for 13 consecutive months without live music. That one.

The Boston experimental band wasn’t content to simply endure that stillness; they’ve flipped it into what they feel is their best record to date.

The group unveils their EP Whispering Galaxy today (April 9) via Infinity Vine Records, sharing an otherworldly glimpse at their time in quarantine. Like much of their past work, the four new tracks embrace a meditative approach to ambient and electronic music, each one reaching through the ether to commune with the cosmos. At times, the EP feels like a dreamy, modern version of glossolalia, perfected through ample extra time at home and a whopping four different vocalists.

“Paradoxically, being forced to create remotely opened the door to a broader range of people contributing and to different ways of collaborating,” says synth player Andrew Abrahamson. “That granted us a fresh perspective in what we were creating and resulted in a record that had a broader range than our previous releases. We also had more time to work on the bones of the tracks before fleshing them out, which I think resulted in more succinct tracks overall.”

Adds vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dez DeCarlo: “The writing is more complex on this record. We rehearsed parts of the tunes over and over and got in deep with the song structure, textures, and sounds. The pandemic gave us a magical opportunity to be open to all possibilities, go with the flow and create our best record yet.”

Get drowned in sound below.