The Horrors strike back with industrial fury on ‘Lout’

Via Facebook

Remember that time The Horrors got banned from Great Scott for smashing an Elvis bust mid-set? Well, Great Scott has left its Allston body, Elvis is still dead as fuck, and The Horrors have gone industrial. Where have you gone, 2007?

Anyway, the British band are back today (February 23) with a stompy new tune called “Lout.” It’s a surprise return, both in style and approach, and exhibits a more mechanical fury than the floaty electronic dream-pop of 2017’s V.

“Surpriiiise! Our favourite word,” the band writes on social. “The Horrors are back to deafen/delight in equal measure. Our new song ‘Lout’ is available to dissect, devour and destroy on all streaming platforms now.”

“Lout,” which has a real Ministry and Pigface sorta vibe to it, will be featured on The Horrors’ forthcoming EP, due March 12. We’ll see if this marks a true changing of sound or just a pitstop at the Wax Trax offices of the mind.