World’s First Cinema invite you to their alt-pop world of ‘Rituals’

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Even as we slowly creep into 2021 and hold tightly these fleeting feelings of positivity and optimism, the grim reality is that we have no idea when we’ll fully emerge from this pandemic age. So at a time when even going outside feels like a dare, our own internalized world-building is an essential coping mechanism for stimulation. But when the brain feels the fatigue of everything around us and our mental construction site needs an off day, it’s been easy, and a bit of a relief, to fall into the world of another. World’s First Cinema, the Los Angeles duo who have developed a bit of a cult following across three riveting alt-pop singles, are quick to welcome you to their world.

Today (February 12), Fil Thorpe and John Sinclair drop their new EP Rituals, a collection of previous singles a new alt-pop burner called “Youth on Fire,” and it’s a portal to modern-day escapism that comes at a time when we’d all prefer to just reside somewhere else for a change.

“The Rituals EP is the ground our castle is being built on,” the band states. “We wanted this first EP to be a sonic introduction to the band. Arguably more important than the songs themselves we wanted to communicate a tonal atmosphere with this EP. We are heavily inspired by the concept of where music meets film and want each of our songs to feel like their own movie… We use a lot of out-of-the-box production techniques to create our music, it’s not exactly common practice in most popular music these days but it’s how we have the most fun. We love to take theatrical trailer scoring techniques and build them into more pop centric song structures. This song writing and production model paired with our obsession in horror movies, Dungeons & Dragons and cult iconography all culminates to create ‘World’s First Cinema’.”


And that’s just the start of it. “Moving forward people can expect us to take the foundation of what we have offered with the Rituals EP to a whole new elaborate level,” they add. “We don’t just wanna create songs, we want to create worlds.”