Charlotte Spiral emerge from life’s voyeuristic edges with ‘New Light’

Photo Credit: Barbora Mrazkov

We first became enlightened by the enchanting sounds of Charlotte Spiral last summer, when Amy Spencer lent her vocals to Hi Frisco’s twirling indie-psych single “Headspin.” But it was only a matter of time before we embraced the London duo of Spencer and Avi Barath on their own terms and creative vision, and that time arrives today (February 11) with the release of a stirring composition titled “New Light.”

It’s the title track off Charlotte Spiral’s forthcoming EP, out April 9, and it’s a haunting, piano-driven tune centered around the conflict we face between living in the moment and obsessing over change, a feeling exacerbated over the past year as our lives fade away from the physical and occupy a greater digital space, with the successes and showings of others flashing across our screens.

“It’s simply a message to myself to live more in the present and stop imagining how things could be,” Spencer says, “especially nowadays when it’s so easy to get distracted and compare yourself to other people.” 


It represents the EP as a whole, recorded in and out of lockdown in-person and remotely with collaborator Dan Carey, and serving as a product of, and a reaction to, a period of self-reflection. There’s a sense of optimism as we slowly claw our way out of the past 12 months, and hopefully tunes like “New Light” can not only soundtrack where we’ve been, emotionally, mentally, and physically, but where we are headed, as well. Listen in below.