Blue Light Bandits make ‘Hot Wax’ simmer with Oompa

Photo Credit: Isaac Bates

Blue Light Bandits have officially crafted the finest tune inspired by a lava lamp — nay, an entire collection of lava lamps.

Leaning into their extraordinarily specific muse, the Worcester group fine-tunes their groove with “Hot Wax,” (released January 12) a two-minute callback to cheerier times. The track marks the band’s first hip-hop-hybrid, as Oompa guides the big-band funk with her melodic bars. In fact, the Blue Light Bandits were so moved by Oompa’s contribution, they’ve decided “Hot Wax” will be the introduction on their upcoming record Honestly Glad it Happened, due out this spring.

In that sense, “Hot Wax” is an even better taste of Honestly Glad it Happened than the group’s lead single, 2020’s “Every Day Is A Holiday.”

“’It quickly turned from a two-bar jam into a hard hitting funk song inspired by the lava lamp collection in our home studio,” the band shares with Vanyaland. “We’ve always felt like our music was well suited for a hip-hop collaboration so when we met Oompa through our mutual management team, Pretty Polly, it was the perfect time to put it all together. With Oompa’s lyrical magic and energetic band introductions, we felt there was no better way to open up our new album as the first track.”

Hear some “Hot Wax” simmer below.