The Sonder Bombs kick up a righteous fury on the fiery ‘k.’

Photo Credit: Sumner Howells

Happy New Year to The Sonder Bombs and The Sonder Bombs only. The Cleveland rock and roll band dropped a new single called “k.” this past Friday (January 8), and people on social media are already dropping it into early ’21 SOTY consideration. And for good reason, because it totally rips; the track cruises along with a righteous fury, and when vocalist Willow Hawks sing-screams “You got nothing to lose” over and over, you can feel the tension break free through the speakers.

“k.” is the latest single off forthcoming album Clothbound, out January 29 via Take This To Heart Records. We hyped “Crying Is Cool” when it dropped last October, so it’s safe to say the new LP is shaping up rather nicely.

But “k.” seems to find The Sonder Bombs embracing a new gear entirely.

Here’s what Hawks has to say about the track, in a quote from Beats Per Minute: “It really pisses me off when someone won’t admit they’re wrong. Especially when other people get hurt. Doubling down stunts the growth of your soul. I think as musicians with platforms, it’s our duty to be examples for accountability. We have this golden opportunity to be teachers by showing people what to do when we are wrong, how to accept mistakes & how to grow from them. The overwhelming presence in music of those who will not take responsibility for their actions infuriates me. That fury inspired this song.”

K? “k.”