Emma Danelon is ‘Howling’ through her electric pulse and bass throb

Via Facebook

The release calendar between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t limited to yuletide revelry and holiday jingles, and Emma Danelon is here to remind us of that. The London-based Italian singer is also here to offer a seductive spin through “Howling,” a glowing track with such an electric pulse and bass throb it has our holiday spread all lit up.

“The idea was to create a new hypnotic, dark, strong, unique and avant-garde atmosphere with powerful and straight forward lyrics,” Danelon says. “I felt like it was a period of time in which I needed to let go of toxicity, so I wrote this song.”

It’s an attention grabber for sure, as the bass pounds along mirrored corridors of alt-R&B, trap, grime, and synth-pop, crashing all around in a stirring cocktail of hypnotic-pop as Danelon connects with the hook: “Cuz you’re howling at my door / And I want you on my floor / I’m at the place where you belong / I’ll wait but don’t be long.”


Pause those holiday songs, and set a mood to empower.