Hilary Swank goes all Glenn Close, sans icepick, in the ‘Fatale’ trailer

Scott Everett White

Know what this shitty year needs more than anything else? Well, sure, it definitely needs a COVID vaccine. And an additional stimulus package. And for January to come quicker. And better weather. But it also needs a Fatal Attraction riff from The Intruder director Deon Taylor entitled — you guessed it — Fatale. This is the sort of high-camp goofiness that we go apeshit for, and we’re even happier to see Hilary Swank continue to descend into the depths of bizarro genre, for which 2020 has been a banner year for (Anyone else remember The Hunt? We saw it in theaters! What a wacky, stupid year this has been). Anyway, Lionsgate dropped a trailer for the film on Thursday, and it looks pretty fun, even if we’re markedly disappointed that this isn’t an adaptation of the Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips comic of the same name from a few years ago. Now that Fatale would make for some fantastic viewing.

Peep it:

Here’s a synopsis:


“After a wild one-night stand, Derrick (Michael Ealy), a successful sports agent, watches his perfect life slowly disappear when he discovers that the sexy and mysterious woman he risked everything for, is a determined police detective (Hilary Swank) who entangles him in her latest investigation. As he tries desperately to put the pieces together, he falls deeper into her trap, risking his family, his career, and even his life. ‘Fatale’ is a suspenseful and provocative psychological thriller and an unpredictable game of cat and mouse where one mistake can change your life.”

Fatale hits theaters on December 18. We do wonder how many hack film writers have ended their trailer posts about this with something like “if you don’t want to make a fatal(e) decision, wait for VOD,” but, just like how many licks it’ll take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, we’ll probably never know.