Harmonix highlights Boston artists in new DJ video game ‘Fuser’

Via Fuser's twitter

Editor’s Note: “Boston Thriving” is a new series from Vanyaland highlighting and honoring the national and global success of Boston- and New England-based bands and artists.


No one turns Boston’s musical dreams into (virtual) reality quite like Harmonix. As the makers of Rock Band, Karaoke Revolution, Dance Central, and Guitar Hero have displayed time and time again, sharing music from their home turf remains a priority, and their new release Fuser enlists ample Boston-based acts for gameplay.

The rhythm video game — which transforms players into DJs to create the sound of a large-scale music festival — features music from Lord Felix (“Studio 54”), Eddie Japan (“Summer Hair”), STL GLD with Latrell James (“Chaka Zulu”), Pixies (“Here Comes Your Man”), Cade7 (“Dot Calm”), The Unicorn Princess (“Back To Boston”), and Soul Clap with Nick Monaco and Billy “Bass” Nelson (“Future 4 Love”). The songs appear among the likes of Dolly Parton, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, The Clash, Amy Winehouse, A Tribe Called Quest, and plenty others.

Fuser isn’t Harmonix’s first salute to Boston music to arrive this fall, either; just last month, a new download pack celebrating the fifth anniversary of “Rock Band 4” also featured music from New England bands Ravi Shavi, Radio Compass, Toad and the Stooligans, and Blame It on Whitman.

View the complete list of tunes featured on Fuser here, and hit the trailer below for a closer look at the game.