Please enjoy Lou Barlow covering the ‘Paw Patrol’ theme song (with added lyrics)


Ok look, we know there’s quite a lot going on across the country right now, but we always strive to find the middle ground between those experiencing joy and jubilation and those trapped down in a den of depression and misery. So we’re going to just serve up Lou Barlow’s new cover of the Paw Patrol theme song, without any unnecessary added commentary. The cover comes complete today (November 6) with the Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh musician adding some extra lyrics that won’t be found down by the pound.

“I sing and play the theme then add my own lyrics (warning, there’s one swear word!) if you’re interested in owning this as a 7″ vinyl e.p. order soon!” Barlow writes. “[T]o become a member of my subscriber club and to receive stuff in the mail check this link for more info …otherwise this song and 140+ others (including my new LP) will be available digitally thru December … my youngest child, Izzy, inspired this video, my wife Adelle and I collaborated on it.. hope you like it”.

We most certainly do. And we think Marshall, Rubble, Chase, and the other dogs we totally did not just look up on Google will enjoy it too.