The Sonder Bombs are here to remind us that ‘Crying Is Cool’

Photo Credit: Sumner Howells

What used to be spooky szn is now officially crying szn, and The Sonder Bombs are here to assure you that it’s perfectly okay to let it all spill out. In fact, it’s actually quite cool.

We don’t know who needed to hear that right now… but we’re pretty sure we all need to hear it right now.

The Cleveland band this week prop up their new track “Crying Is Cool,” a pinwheel of a surf-inspired indie-pop track that races with authenticity and urgency. It follows the following “What Are Friends For?” and it’ll be featured on The Sonder Bombs’ forthcoming sophomore album Clothbound, out January 29 via Take This to Heart.


“’Crying Is Cool’ is all about validation and vulnerability,” says singer Willow Hawks. “Being there for friends when they need it as well as being cared for. That solidarity is such a beautiful thing and we really wanted to capture the goodness in that with the video! Our director Ben Lieber had the brilliant idea of a weekend cabin getaway with friends which fit so perfectly with the message of the song and then our genius stylists Chlo & Mick just brought the full vision to life! We’re so excited to share ‘Crying Is Cool’ and this next chapter of The Sonder Bombs with the world!”

The new chapter sounds excellent so far.