Lana Del Rey comforts a damaged world with ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’

Single art

Certainly, Lana Del Rey’s new single “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” didn’t begin as a comforting swan song for a world engulfed in flames. It’s far more likely that as she penned her forthcoming record Chemtrails Over the Country Club (release date TBA), she tucked the track in her back pocket to use as one the album’s central love songs. But 2020 has eaten away at life’s small joys at such an alarming pace that today’s (October 16) arrival of the “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” feels much more like an intentional moment of global serenity and mediation, rather than a caress aimed at any one person.

It’s not a far-fetched notion, either; her Lust For Life track “When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing” offers more direct reprieve for unstable political times. The beauty of “Let Me Love You Like A Woman,” though, is its malleable ability to carve out a tender place of comfort for any situation.

“It’s absolutely one of my favorite songs off of the new record,” the singer shared on Instagram today, along with a DIY video documenting the simple delight of top-down car rides and cloudless blue horizons.

She also confirmed via an Instagram post last month that a video is on the way for the album’s title track. Chemtrails Over the Country Club will follow Del Rey’s poetry book and spoken word album Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, which arrived earlier this fall.

Get the first glance at Chemtrails below.