Ludic play digital match-maker on new alt-pop bop ‘Heart Emoji’

Courtesy photo

For a few myriad reasons, of which we’re all vividly aware, we’re all just pretty much living our lives on the internet these days. So it makes sense that pop music begins to reflect our love and lust through a digital lens, and that’s pretty much what Ludic’s fancy new bounce-pop bop “Heart Emoji” is all about.

The Vancouver trio say their new single “is our flirty interpretation of what it might be like to fall in love with someone online through pictures, bios, and emojis! Inspired by ’90s and 2000s R&B/pop, we typically write instrumentals first with a topic in mind for the lyrics afterwards. We landed on a funky and danceable beat, pushing the envelope a little with the groove.” 

Ludic are quick to point out, however, that no one in the group — Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Rhett Cunningham, or Max Cunningham — has yet to fall in love over the internet. We’ll just have to take their word for it.

“Often our songs are written in a perspective different from our own, this one exploring ‘online love’ and the idea that someone could pursue another romantically without even really knowing them,” they add. “It seems like an everyday thing now, superficial or not, and that’s how we’re treating it in the song. We all love a pretty face.”


Listen in below.