Skofee spins an alt-pop web around unhealthy jealously on ‘Spiderman’

Photo Credit: Austin Dalgleish

There’s been a lot of talk about how relationships have been affected by the ongoing pandemic, but the real elephant in the room, it seems, is how our seemingly endless lockdown has made us look back and reflect about the relationships — and people — that have come and gone. A lot of down time, sometimes spent in isolation, has made us reminisce, second-guess, and apply some revisionist history to the love affairs we once enjoyed.

Skofee’s new track “Spiderman” spins a web around those uneasy feelings. The Los Angeles alt-pop artist has dropped a new visual for the throwback R&B-pop track, which wouldn’t sound out of place on the Top 40 two decades ago with its early Christina vibes, in advance of her new EP, Polished, out this Friday (September 18).

“Spiders make a lot of people (including myself) squirm, so the spider imagery is meant to communicate how uncomfortable it feels to be overcome with jealousy — to be the one who never got over a breakup when the other party is happily in a new relationship,” Skofee says. “The lyrics explain it the best, ‘cuz you cut it off and I spun out high off the ground asking myself, ‘do you think about me?’”

We’ll be thinking about this bop for a bit, no doubt about that.

Polished, meanwhile, should position the 22-year-old Wichita native, born Anna Marie Scholfield, as a voice worth hearing. The EP is described as one that isn’t afraid to explore the difficult aspects of modern social interaction, self-growth, and forgiveness, all crafted by Skofee around her own life’s experiences. And its title plays on all that.

“The EP title is sort of ironic, because the songs have been polished and produced but the lyrical content shows a lot of dysfunction,” she says. “It’s also about learning to love your shortcomings and go easy on yourself as you make mistakes and discover the ugly sides of yourself.”

Get caught up in her web below.