Still Woozy just wants to lay with you all day on the dreamy ‘BS’


We’re not sure why, exactly, but we feel like Still Woozy’s 2018 wobbly jam “Lucy” is one of the defining songs of the past few years. Well, we do kinda know why — but hey, that’s not important.

What is important is that the Oakland project from singer/songwriter Sven Gamsky has churned out a series of dreamy, genre-bending alt-pop tracks ever since, including 2019 debut EP ​Lately, and now he continues his infectious beat with “BS.” Dropping a few days ago (September 10), it’s another surreal spin of warped pop that enhances the magnetic pull of the charismatic Still Woozy catalog.

Gamsky says the lyrics on “BS” are all about “struggling with [my] brain,” and like previous Still Woozy tracks, there’s an attempt for the songwriter to “strive for this feeling of warmth to act as a buffer to some of those harsher feelings.” When he rolls out some on-brand casual cool in the repeatable chorus — “Honestly lately, I wanna throw ’em all away / Honestly lately / Honestly lately and just lay with you all day,” Gamsky coos — it’s impossible to not get the track lodged deep inside your residential head space.

Listen to Still Woozy’s latest via Spotify.


And feast your eyes upon the “BS” music video, which finds Gamsky riding bikes and horses around the West Coast. It’s a mood.