Winter Gardens douse a fairytale with dream-punk vitality on ‘Zigzanny’

Via Wall of Sound PR

Southeast England dream-punk band Winter Gardens have been earning roaring praise across the Atlantic lately, and now it’s very clear to see why. This week the East Sussex crew have delivered a mighty dose of revved-up guitar-pop in “Zigzanny”, which according to the band is “a fun, energetic ‘fairytale’ that centers around a very juvenile outlook on love and teenage fantasy.”

It’s also pretty fucking awesome.

Packed like a freight train of cool, where dream-pop moves at the speed of punk, “Zigzanny” is the latest single featured off Winter Gardens’ debut EP Tapestry, out September 25 via Austerity Records. For the video, the band relied on stock footage fit to keep up with the track’s driving pulse.


“I had the idea for the video during lockdown,” says Winter Gardens guitarist Jamie Windless, who produced the album with Luke Marsden. “With limited access for video creativity I set out to find stock footage I could purchase and manipulate. I chose the amateur Dortmund FC Sunday game as I felt the energy and passion of the players captured the energy and pace of the track so perfectly — the track oozes vitality, as does the frenzy and passion of amateur football, putting everything you’ve physically got into it. The game compliments those younger teenage feelings ‘Zigzanny’ emits with its simple lyrics.”

Fire it up below.