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Francis Aud takes us places we’re not allowed on ‘Take Me Home’

Photo Credit: Lourdes Rojo

Summer 2020 has been the season of the daydream, playing out a mental fantasies of all the places we normally go, all the people we normally see, all the things we usually do. That’s what comes to mind as we nod our heads and swing our shoulders vibing out to “Take Me Home,” the new funk-pop bop from Brooklyn’s Francis Aud.  

His third single so far this year, Aud’s latest, out last week, blends ’80s new wave breeze with psych-funk disco beats, and right off the lyrical jump the real world sets in: “Do you ever wonder, if we made it through the summer / If we loved each other, like we said we would.”

There’s a magnetic melancholic pull here, the type of track we’d spin at home getting ready to go, out or after hours back at the spot keeping the night going. Here’s what Aud says about it: “Disguised in synths and a funky dance-pop bass line, ‘Take Me Home’ is a sad song that’s aware of its melancholy towards love and the state-of-the-world. To prove to its friends that ‘everything is fine’ and that they’re ‘thriving,’ the song puts on a lycra jumpsuit, a neon-green headband, and shows up to the local roller rink ready to boogie while popping bubble gum for ’80s dance night.”


Close your eyes, if only for this summer, and pretend we’re all there together.