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Couch Prints ‘Tell U’ how they really feel with soap opera schmaltz

Photo Credit: Wade Schaul

When Couch Prints channel “melancholy and strangeness,” they do it through the lens of a Betamax camcorder.

As the Queens-based band sought out the ideal way to share their new lullaby “Tell U,” the trio landed on a music video filled to brim with evocative schmaltz, produced like an old-fashioned soap opera.

The Mayachka-directed video debuted yesterday (August 17) and accompanied the band’s announcement of their signing to House Arrest Distribution. Their forthcoming EP, also titled Tell U, drops October 30.


“When we gave the song to Mayachka for the music video, she took that wistful feeling and our experiences, and created a story about a supposed three-way love triangle between us — with all the romance and nostalgia of a 2000s soap opera,” says guitarist Brandon Tong. “It perfectly captured the melancholy and strangeness of our first year coming together.”

The visual also captures a neat contradiction — one where twisting, drama-driven bad romances and blushing swan songs can occupy the same frame without clashing. And that, truly, is a piece of Couch Prints’ plot that no one saw coming.

Catch up on the melodrama below.