HAAi cycles through beauty and calm on ‘Rotating In Unison’

Photo Credit: Imogene Von Barron

Here in the States, we’re engulfed in what feels like a never-ending quarantine and a seemingly indefinite pandemic age. So it’s essential for our collective well being to check out for a bit and dedicate some time to self-care. Part of that equation is pausing to re-appreciate what’s around us, and HAAi’s new track and visual, “Rotating In Unison,” is a conduit to get us to that mental space.

The atmospheric cut is another slice of the Australian-born, London-based DJ/producer’s forthcoming EP, Put Your Head Above The Parakeets, set for digital and vinyl release September 18 via Mute.

The bulk of the EP was written over the start of quarantine, HAAi says, so it’s something geared more for home listening. Which is certainly of heightened interest as we all watch 2020 pass by from the windows of our residences.

“The track and the visual were both made to highlight beauty and coexistence as we all rotate around the sun,” says HAAi. “To try and remember beauty and calm in a time of uncertainty and unrest, even for just a few minutes. I really enjoyed creating this myself, incorporating visuals I’ve been using and making over the years.”

Absorb it below.