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Iress fill the void of life with doomgaze and trust on ‘Nest’

Photo Credit: David Fearn

Doomgaze is certainly not something that was created in 2020, but it might be the genre we crave the most in these times of need. The latest entry into the drone mix comes from Los Angeles’ Iress, who today (August 7) drop a vertical storm of a single in “Nest.”

Though the track is brimming with the type of metal, post-rock, and shoegaze elements that prevent it from being defined by any single genre on its own, its fullness in sound intertwined with lyrical themes of combatting a personal emptiness.

“‘Nest’ is for the outsider and the misunderstood,” Iress state. “It’s about finding someone or something that looks into you and understands, without a word, the comfort you find in emptiness together.”


Iress drop their sophomore album, Flaw, on September 18. Pre-order it via Bandcamp.