Blood Beech’s ghosts of the past are just a click away on ‘Touch Screen’

Via the band

For all its cultural immersion and absorption, the internet’s greatest flaw is forever being stuck on two modes: Past and present. What happens now and what happened yesterday can never allow the future to happen without an overwhelming influence. Every move forward is decorated by what has either happened or what is currently happening, and the internet will never let us forget the ghosts that haunt. For Blood Beech, the past is always a click away, and the South London duo’s soulful, glitchy alt-R&B single “Touch Screen” understands that a future of happiness may not exist beyond the shadows of where we’ve been.

“‘Touch Screen’ explores the complexities of the post-breakup in an online world — how we love, perceive, obsess, communicate,” the duo states. “Our exes and lovers are a mere click away — and yet, most of us still yearn for a more tangible connection.”

That type of connection may elude, but for Blood Beech’s Lucy Hayes and Sleepy Eye, the pair of songwriters and producers display an exciting chemistry that glides with ease, taking the glitches of modern life and applying them to their sound. Use your thumb and hit play on the touch screen in your hands, and let Blood Beech remind you the past is forever just a click away.