Love You Later take a cathartic ride on a ‘PCH Rollercoaster’

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Sometimes it’s a single moment of a song that pulls you in and never lets go. For Love You Later’s new single “PCH Rollercoaster,” out today (July 31), it might be the moment Lexi Aviles confidently rhymes “traffic” with “cinematic.” But it just also might be everything else about the glittering alt-pop track from the Nashville resident and SoCal native that makes “PCH Rollercoaster” pop out of your ear buds and explode with euphoria deep inside your headspace.

And we all can use a bit of that feel-good vibe right now. So while the cathartic track’s passion is rooted in California dreaming, its optimism is fit to bloom anywhere, anytime.

“This may be a love song about the West Coast, but I want it to mean something special to everyone who hears it,” says Aviles, “in hopes that they, too, will crave a drive with the windows down, screaming ‘I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love…’ Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway gives me that safe, free, euphoric feeling no matter the day of the week — somewhere I drive happily alone, windows rolled down, and no destination.”

It’s a mindset that’s vital as Summer 2020 slowly creeps along in the pandemic age. Ride shotgun with Love You Later, and feel the love any way you need it.