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There’s like a hundred effing reasons why you’re ASHS’ ex

Photo: Brjann Batista Bettencourt / 3B Photography

Hey, you, yeah you — you read the headline. There’s like a hundred fucking reasons why you’re ASHS‘ ex, and the Ontario pop-R&B singer is gonna break it all down in her playful new single “My Ex.”

And yeah, it’s about you. Probably. We mean, how could it not be?

“For most people, time heals all wounds,” ASHS says. “For me, songwriting does. Gone are the days where I would sit and write sad songs about how he broke my heart. Turns out, life went on and I’m fine.”


And when memories of the good times start to cloud the rampant fuckery that frolicked free through the meadows of dumb love, pen hit paper as clarity n’ hilarity ensued.

“I found thoughts of him creeping back into my head recently and it took me a minute to understand what emotion it was triggering,” adds ASHS. “Did I miss him? I thought I did, so I started writing. But as the song started to develop, it was blatantly clear to me how many red flags I had missed when I was caught up in the rush of it. Turns out he wasn’t so special after all. Wasted a few years, but at least I got this song out of it.”  

Listen to your new dedication below.