Global Network drop their R&B-disco beat into a virtual world on ‘Want You’

Credit: Angelo Yoto

We’ve all had fantasies over the past few months of pandemic unease where we wished we could transport into a virtual world far from the daily struggles and stresses of the real world. Walk the streets, hit a party, see some friends, get into trouble. For Global Network, the shift from IRL to something escapist and artificial wasn’t just a wish and a dream, but born of necessity.

The Parisian electronic-pop duo dropped the visual for their latest track “Want You”, a club cocktail of R&B and disco, and with limitations in place on how to craft a visual component for their new music, enlisted visual artist Angelo Yoto to surround the beats with a new world of wonder inspired by video games and virtual reality.

“We weren’t able to shoot any music videos, but thankfully we met the director Angelo Yoto a few months ago,” says Global Network’s Loris Sasso.  “[Angelo] creates truly amazing virtual worlds and characters. We asked him if he’d like to create a virtual world for our song ‘Want You’, and we gave him full ‘carte blanche’. He imagined this girl walking in the streets of a futuristic city and going to another dimension’s party.”


The futuristic vibes play well with Global Network’s modern-retro sound. Hit the video below, and dive deeper into Global Network’s May EP Cool Moments via Spotify.