This Stream Is Tonight: Arch of Love show off past, present, and future

Via Facebook

Editor’s Note: We have tweaked our This Show Is Tonight series to reflect the recent phenomenon of live music livestreaming in the age of social distancing.


In the late stages of last year, Arch of Love caught us shook over their immaculate single “Light In Your Eyes”, which landed prime space in our favorite tracks of 2019 compilation. We’ve monitored the Philadelphia dream-pop duo closely as they traverse through an uncertain 2020 — offering up everything from a sterling Fleetwood Mac cover to solo explorations from Chris Schackerman as Video Cult — but tonight (July 7) give us a glimpse into their future with their debut livestream performance, hosted on Twitch and presented by Soleil Noir.

“We spent a lot of time putting this together and creating visuals for our set, as I’m sure all the other acts did as well,” writes Arch of Love, who are currently bust crafting their debut album, with a few new songs promised for tonight’s ‘stream.

The other performing acts on the bill — L’Avenir, RJVJ, and Kiss of the Whip — should help comprise one intriguing night of dark synth and alt-pop sounds. It’s not a bad way to spend a Tuesday, and starts up around 7 p.m. on the East Coast.