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Talii embraces the taboo with electric energy on ‘Good To Be Bad’

Photo Credit: Seth Charles

There’s almost a hypnotic quality to the music of Talii. The Orlando-based artist with Trinidadian roots has crafted a devilishly seductive brand of alt-R&B, and it all should bubble up later this year with the release of her debut EP. Until then, we’re presented with the white-hot video for her new single “Good To Be Bad” — and the electric energy jumps off the screen.

“This video really brings the song to life!” says Talii. “We wanted to incorporate all aspects of what ‘Good To Be Bad’ means to me. To embrace all the ‘taboo’ aspects of a woman that society has conditioned us to believe to be bad or to be ashamed of. The magical, the sexual and the powerful aspects of feminine energy were all portrayed and celebrated so beautifully in this video. Not to mention, it was so much fun to create! I’ve truly never felt so alive and in my element as I was when this video was being filmed. I’m so happy this is what I get to do for a living.”

Get mesmerized below.