Lauren Lakis shines in the dream-pop shadows with ‘We’ll Be Fine’

Via artist

It’s been about two years since we last caught up with Lauren Lakis. At last check-in, the Baltimore-born, Los Angeles-based artist had just released her debut full-length solo album Ferocious, and last year followed that up with the Sad Girl Breakfast EP, another blissful twirl through her lush, dirge-like dream-pop.

This week Lakis hits us right in the hole where feelings once resided with shoegazing new single “We’ll Be Fine,” and it’s another illuminating piece to her ever-evolving sonic puzzle that balances the light and dark in all of us.

“As we’ve gone through this pandemic, it’s become a sort of love song to humanity, a ballad of hope,” Lakis says. “We’ve been given a unique opportunity to pause and go inward, where shadow exists alongside light. There is fear and grief and uncertainty, but ultimately I have faith that we will be fine, maybe better than ‘fine’ if we choose.”

It’s a mindset worth adopting. Listen to “We’ll Be Fine” below, and stay tuned for Lakis’ forthcoming Daughter Language LP.