GRANT explores relationship dynamics on the powerful ‘Words’

Via High Rise PR

Sweden has long been known as a pop music powerhouse, but today (May 29) we’re making space for a relatively new name in the game, and one of singular, all-caps nomenclature: GRANT.

The 25-year-old Stockholm-based artist, born Alma Caroline Cederlöf, sets a course for a new chapter in her career with a new EP on the way and the arrival of its lead single, a towering anthem of confidence called “Words”. Somewhat ironically, while the music is bold and assured, GRANT’s subject matter takes on moments when we are most vulnerable — the ups and downs of a relationship.

“I think relationships are a bit like religion, it has faith and rituals and when you doubt you should take comfort in knowing, it’s because you care,” says GRANT. “It takes courage to endure. That is love. Briefly we peek outside our window and wonder if what we do matters and if these rituals are giving us what we need. In time we start to mirror each other, we form a language and we have predictable habits, but I still can’t read his mind. There’s no absolution and certainties are momentary even when they last a lifetime. Looking at it that way, the idea of mundane seem kind of insane to me. But I try, and that is also love.”

Listen to “Words” below via Spotify, or the Lina Söderström-directed music video.