Disq facetiously surrender to the void in their video ‘Daily Routine’

Photo Credit: Sean Kelly

Disq need you to know that there’s such a thing as smashing the repeat button a few too many times.

Gearing up for the release of the new record Collector (out March 6 via Saddle Creek) the Wisconsin band has shared their newest single and video, the equal parts cynical and cyclical “Daily Routine.” The tune fleshes out a facetious take on slipping into the void of a unsatisfying day-to-day rut, layered over their stringy, dingy guitar melodies.

“‘Daily Routine’ is a song about an intense personal struggle,” shares guitarist and vocalist Isaac deBroux-Slone. “In dark times, life can feel like a cycle that I’m trapped in — repeating over and over with no means of escape. It’s easy to fall into a void, thinking that everybody else has it all figured out, while losing sight of the fact that many others feel exactly the same way.”


“The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are a coping mechanism for me as sometimes being able to laugh at my own situation is the only thing that can make me feel better,” he adds. “Sonically the song ended up a loose template for the sound of many other songs on the album; expressing feelings simply through loud guitars.”

Tune in to “Daily Routine” below, and catch Disq with Pom Pom Squad at Great Scott on April 9.