A cavalcade of comedy’s best join forces to create ‘Christmas Magic’


With a little inspiration from ‘We Are The World,’ all proceeds raised through donations and downloads of the song go to Comedy Gives Back

The holidays mean a little something different to everyone. For some, it’s a time for joy and laughter, or reflection and generosity. For others, it’s about coming to the realization that, in a confined space together for an extended period of time, your loved ones are absolutely batshit crazy. Whatever the holidays mean to you, some of comedy’s biggest names have joined forces this holiday season to not only give us a bop that we can put on repeat, but also to remind us all in their own ways that, whoever you are and wherever you’re from, Christmas magic is for everyone.

Very much in the same vein of We Are The World and Do They Know It’s Christmas?, a cavalcade of some of comedy’s hardest hitters have combined their vocal talents to bring the world “Christmas Magic”, a song that sheds light on what a train wreck Christmas truly can be. Let’s just say the results are not only relatable, but also surprisingly not something you have to force yourself to sit through. Not to mention, while we’re aware of Jamie Kennedy’s rap skills, we’re honestly pretty blown away by the fact that Adam Devine and Doug Benson can belt it out like that.

As the brainchild of Canadian comic Avery Pearson and Jordan Baum, the song features 60 comedians — including Louie Anderson, Nick Swardson and Brian Posehn — exchanging lines and injecting their own comedic genius into each verse to bring the group effort to life for not only a dose of appreciated holiday cheer and hilarity, but also for a worthy charitable cause.

Joined by the likes of so many top-shelf comics from Jeff Ross, Jim Jefferies and the Sklar Brothers, to Jackie Tohn, Anjelah Johnson and Sherri Shepherd, Pearson and Baum wrote the track to help support Comedy Gives Back, an organization founded by Amber J. Lawson, Jodi Lieberman and Zoe Friedman to support the stand-up community away from the stage in the way of helping to cover medical costs for comics, as well as helping comics make their way to treatment for mental illness and substance abuse, and crisis management.

All laughs and holiday cheer go to us, and all proceeds from downloads of the song and donations go straight to an organization with a vision to help people in need. It’s a win-win all around.

Check out the song below.