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Cailin Russo re-focuses her attention on the shamefully idle on ‘Fade’

Photo Credit: Rebecca Hearn

We’ve all watched a friend or lover — an alleged friend or lover — sit on the sidelines as we deal with personal hardship. And sometimes, that person’s cruel inactivity hurts more than the actual hardship at hand. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Cailin Russo has recognized that lack of action and care all too well, and returns today with a sparkling alt-pop jam titled “Fade” that re-focuses her attention on the shamefully idle.

“It’s my favorite song I’ve ever done,” Russo says. “It literally brings me to tears. The story is very personal but also relatable. The song literally describes someone watch you deteriorate as a human and not doing anything about it… It’s so sad to realize you’re in a relationship with someone who knows you’re hurting, but won’t help change the situation.”

Luckily, Russo has some friends by her side who are the opposite of idle. “Fade” was produced by living legend Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and features guitar work by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner. Take action via Spotify and Russo’s new video below.