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MARG’s tropical pop apathy shines in her single gal salute ‘My City’

Photo Credit: Luke Korns

For all the single gal salutes that have come to be in the last 10 years or so (thanks, Beyoncé), perhaps none of them of them have been so blunt as MARG’s new jam “My City.”

Born of a need for freedom from clingy flings, the new tune from the Los Angeles singer prepares the world for her forthcoming album The World Keeps on Moving. with a glimpse inside her current views on romance. Spoiler: amidst her lush tropical pop rhythms, MARG’s totally over it.

“‘My City’ is a song about a casual summer fling,” she says. “Obviously, if you listen to the lyrics, you can tell the other side is a bit attached, and I’m emotionally unavailable. I think it’s a good singles’ anthem. I’m currently in a place in my life where I am completely focusing on myself because I recently had to pull myself from a dark time, and I’m just fine being alone!”


“Just fine” isn’t an exaggeration, either; when MARG coos “I don’t care what we had,” she’s not spitting spiteful lines or revealing any bitterness – she really just can’t be bothered. And that level of removal from relationship stress is honestly admirable.

“I titled the song ‘My City’ because I feel like the story I’m telling definitely comes from my own little world,” MARG tells Vanyaland. “I took inspiration from the idea of running around your own city and just getting yourself into trouble.”

Tap into her trouble below.