DJ Manipulator escorts listeners through Russia with ‘The Soviet Tape’

Photo Credit: Nate Wieselquist

It’s not unusual to read about a concept album that aims to take listeners on a specific type of emotional journey, but for his new record, DJ Manipulator wanted to take that journey global. Releasing his new project The Soviet Tape today (November 8), the Boston-based DJ sets forth a 14-track album sampled entirely from his collection of Russian records.

Brimming with international beats, The Soviet Tape whisks listeners overseas to the frosty, regal cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg and every iconic cathedral in between.

“The tape plays like a guided trip through out the soviet region,” says DJ Manipulator. “I got the inspiration to do this project from my last beat tape. [For] My last project (The Synth Tape) I used all samples from weird synthesizer records. I figured so since I had so many Russian records I should continue with another themed project.” 

Press play on his journey overseas below.