Lana Del Rey unveils double video for ‘Fuck It I Love You’ and ‘The Greatest’


Lana Del Rey can confess that she’s burned out on “the culture” all she wants, but ‘Murica will always eagerly await her latest dose of poetry-fueled Americana.

Preparing for her forthcoming record Norman Fucking Rockwell, due out August 30, the sadcore queen today shared a double music video for her new songs “Fuck It I Love You” and “The Greatest”. The double-down release comes roughly a year after her videos for “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Venice Bitch,” which will also appear on her new album.

“The culture is lit / And if this is it / I had a ball / I guess that I’m burned out after all,” she coos on “The Greatest.”

It’s not that we don’t believe her — because we’d never doubt our nation’s half-poet-laureate, half-sweetheart — but it’s far more likely that Del Rey is just winded from carrying the entirety of pop music’s retro-loving culture on her biker-jacket-clad back.

Catch both of her new clips below.