DJ Knife gives us the ‘Butt Rock Mini Mix’ literally no one asked for

Courtesy of artist

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DJ Knife remains one of the more versatile DJs in Boston, in both style and substance. The nightlife veteran has tirelessly issued carefully-curated an endless stream of mixes via everything from cassette tapes to beer cans, and constantly flows between genres and scenes with relative ease.

But the dude is on some other shit entirely with his new “Butt Rock Mini Mix”, crafted entirely with turntables — and with a bizarre affection of the late-90s and early-’00s in mind.

“Country trap is over!” Knife says. “2020 will be the resurfacing of butt rock.”

If that’s the case, he’s as much to blame as your redneck cousin. Knife’s latest mix brings together Creed, Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Three Days Grace, P.O.D., Trapt, and… wait, hold up… why are we even hyping this shit in the first place?!?!

“I made this mix as an experiment to see where these songs stand in 2019,” Knife says, talking us off the ledge. “Whatever musical genre was hated on in the past seems to get dug up and showed love these days. People’s understanding of the term ‘butt rock’ seems to vary a quite a bit online and with the song selection I wanted to cover all the bases of that term in one mix.”

Cut your life into pieces and listen to DJ Knife’s “Butt Rock Mini Mix” below, courtesy of Direct Music Service.

What a world.