Please tell us why Justin Bieber moans in this ‘bad guy’ remix

Photo Credit: Emily Gardner for Vanyaland

There’s a moment in the new Billie Eilish “bad guy” remix (released today, July 11) when guest artist Justin Bieber absolutely butchers any chance of the song being remotely decent. To be precise, it’s at 2:29, when he utters something of a parched, sexless moan right before Eilish’s epic boss-level tempo breakdown that caps off her macabre little ditty. To be clear, we can’t — and we don’t — fault Eilish for making a song with one of her longtime musical heroes. We can, however, blame the Biebs for marring her iconic outro with a cry of “so icy.” Saying “skkrrrt!” doesn’t vibe with a gothic alt-pop masterpiece of the 21st century. DuH!