RIDE evolve past the act of nostalgia with ‘Repetition’

Via Facebook

British shoegazers RIDE are experiencing quite a renaissance. In 2017 the reunited band released the well-received and sonically assertive Weather Diaries, their first new album in more than two decades. A little more than two years later, RIDE will release another album, August’s This Is Not A Safe Place.

We’ve already heard the LP’s upbeat lead single “Future Love” back in April, and today comes a new RIDE composition that might shake up some of the band’s more stodgy followers. It’s called “Repetition”, there’s a colorful vibrancy to it that’s hard to hate, and it’s available to stream via Spotify below. It certainly suggests that RIDE have left the nostalgia trip back in the past, and are these days just operating on their own creative terms. If Weather Diaries was a fit meant to exercise the demons of 21 years ago, and maybe play familiar in the re-introduction stage, these new RIDE tracks just feel like a modern band making the music they want to make. And we’re here for it.

RIDE, meanwhile, are set to tour North America later this year, and play Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on September 20.