SLØTFACE get cerebral with the buzz n’ fuzz of ‘Telepathetic’

Photo Credit: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Looking back on the conjuring of their new single “Telepathetic,” SLØTFACE can eerily recall next to nothing. Written at 11 at night post-recording session, the Norwegian band manifested the song in a few hours, and can’t remember much else of their ode to fruitless wishful thinking except that it was born of exhaustion and a touch of snark. Their formula checks out, though: The buzz ‘n’ fuzz of “Telepathetic” drive the starry-eyed call to action with just the right amount of realism.

“The song is about the feeling, usually when you’re growing up, or working a job you don’t like, or other halfway points where it just feels like everything good is happening in other places from where you are,” says singer Haley Shea. “It’s about how ineffectual it is to wait around and hope for things to happen, about how you have to make things happen, but also about the silly fear that if you dream about something it might not happen.”

Get hip below.