Deanna Petcoff’s ‘Stage Lights’ takes a journey down ‘what if’ avenue

Via artist

The story behind Deanna Petcoff’s glistening new single “Stage Lights” is one of both a single moment and the furious mental barrage of queries and acknowledgments that follows that moment. It goes something like this: The Toronto musician met a boy at a show one summer night through a mutual acquaintance, and sparks flew further than the city this boy was set to immediately move on to after his appearance in the 416.

“For one night I flirted, laughed, and pretended I was someone braver than I was,” Petcoff writes. “On the way home that night, ‘Stage Lights’ poured out of me as a sort of what if fantasy. What if I pursued him? What would it be like to be in love with a nomad? Can you truly get to know someone when it’s long distance? Could I be a stay-at-home wife? What if we both toured and never saw each other? Would I ever be happy?

Those questions flow as easy as the melody of “Stage Lights,” an infectious pop-rock single that shows off both Petcoff’s beautifully weathered voice and knack for colorful storytelling. She credits her bassist Dylan Burrett for helping bring the tale from lyrical notebook confessional to the assertive track it is now.

Give it a listen below. And think about the one who got away, or the one that you were ultimately better off letting go.