Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Soft Fangs

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Studio 52 Spotlight: Soft Fangs

What Studio 52 Says: Brooklyn’s Soft Fangs is solely the product of John Lutkevich, who has found a beautifully abject way to stir up low emotions. Initially surfacing in the form of a five-song self titled EP five years ago, Soft Fangs has since released two full-length records, 2016’s The Light and 2017’s Fractures, and all three releases are dejected indie rock gems. You can feel feelings with Soft Fangs at O’Brien’s in Allston this Sunday night (June 2) with support from Puppy Problems, Community College, and (T-T)b. Studio 52 picked Lutkevich’s brain about his solo writing and recording processes.

Studio 52: You’re the only listed band member, do you write all this music alone? How do you play it live?

John Lutkevich: I write the songs and play all the instruments on the records. I’ll often play solo or a rotating crew of friends as the band . This weekend is full band.

When you’re recording your albums where do you begin and end?

I almost always start with acoustic guitar, then drums and then everything else. I normally improvise the parts on the recording

Do you write on guitar? 

Yeah mostly on guitar, sometimes piano.

Do you hear your songs with drums as you write or do you sit behind drums and write the parts later? 

I normally have an idea in my head for the drums, but recording them is the first time I’ll actually play the song on drums.

Do you have a new record in the works?

I just finished up a 12-song LP , technically my first studio record, it was recorded by two of my best friends at Big Nice Studio. I’m also currently working on a seven song EP, not sure when they will be released!

You say technically your first studio record, how did you record the other 3 albums?

The first two I recorded by myself in my parents attic, the third was recorded by Brad and Chaimes (Big Nice Studio) in a house in Maine.

We’re excited to hear the new records!


— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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