Lil Nas X and elementary school kids singing ‘Old Town Road’ is just the best


Lil Nas X is damn everywhere. He’s on top of the charts. He’s at Boston Calling. He’s on your playlist. He’s at the Bruins’ Stanley Cup Final viewing party City Hall Plaza.

And now he’s at elementary schools.

The country-rap phenom dropped by Lander Elementary School in Mayfield Heights, Ohio this week to perform his mega-hit “Old Town Road.” And the surprised students in attendance did not disappoint.


In fact, it’s pretty much the best thing we’ll see all week. And it’s been a good week!

Here’s how it happened: According to BuzzFeed News, Lander Elementary Principal Felecia Evans tagged Lil Nas X in a video she tweeted of her students singing “Old Town Road” at a talent show. He tweeted back asking when they wanted a free show. Over DMs she asked if he was serious, and it turns out he was. So together they coordinated the surprise appearance.

“It was completely a secret,” Evans says. “The day before, the media had contacted me and I said, ‘Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it work.'”


But it did work, at the school’s year-end magic show. With only a few staff and teachers in the know, as well as the local police department, Evans took to the stage and set the mood: “I have one more magic show for you,” she told her students. “Do you want to see it?”

Then Lil Nas X came out.


And for a moment, all was well in the world. Watch the video below, posted by Complex, and make note of 3:32 in, when he started singing.


The kids absolutely bring it.