Misty Mtn reflect alt-pop against the natural elements on ‘Missed Your Call’

Photo Credit: Karen Santos

After a rather torturous extension of late-stage winter that lasted pretty much into late April, spring has finally sprung around Boston, and despite the rain we’ve been having seemingly every other day, there have been pockets of sunshine breaking through the gloomy weather. That means it’s driving season around town, and we’re pulling out of the Vanyaland lot today bumping “Drive”, the lead track off Misty Mtn’s new EP, Missed Your Call.

The New York alt-pop duo — pronounced “misty mountain” — create an airy, vibrant sound of lush instrumentation that blends glossy electronic-pop with vivid folk storytelling, and Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall say this EP, in particular, is influenced by the outdoors. Each track on the genre-defying five-song offering is visually associated with natural elements — moon, fire, water, mountains, forest).

Missed Your Call is about moving on,” the band states. “Whether that be from a place, from a person, from an addiction, etc., it’s about the process, and we wanted the title to illustrate the feeling. Moving on is triumphant, yet sometimes painful. It’s hard, but usually good. It’s freedom, and it’s new beginnings. The phrase, ‘missed your call’ is ambiguous, and that is our intention. We want the audience to choose their own adventure — our music and our stories are for them. Yes, it’s cathartic to write these songs and perform them, but now it’s time to give these songs away. Missed Your Call can be whatever you need in the moment. This EP is for you.”