Leikeli47 unabashedly bulldozes her own space in the video for ‘Tic Boom’

Walk-ins are welcome tonight at Leikeli47’s show at The Sinclair with Yung Baby Tate

Photo Credit: Tyler Adams

In a world where many hip-hop artists have to make their own space in their respective music communities, Leikeli47 is bulldozing her own path with a tank.

Riding the forceful momentum behind her sophomore record Acrylic, the balaclava-clad rapper claims her worth, hustle, and her well-earned space in her video for “Tic Boom.”

“These young women are in a face-off with their inner fears; that’s why it sometimes may look like they’re engaging in a face-off with themselves,” she says of the vid. “It’s about facing whatever your Goliath is and chopping its head off. That’s what ‘Tic Boom’ is about. It’s about owning your moment, mastery, and doing it afraid if you have to.”

Press play on the gladiatorial vid below, and catch Leikeli47’s frenzied performance tonight (April 1) at the Sinclair with Yung Baby Tate. Metaphorical tanks and bulldozers welcome.