Cappa digs into the yo-yo drama of relationships on ‘I Do’

Albeit brimming with conflicting lyrics, the new tune from the Ls Angeles singer still soars with her saccharine vocals

Photo Credit: Lexie Alley

The great thing about Cappa is we already know that she isn’t interested in wasting anyone’s time. Two years since we checked in with the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Nashville signer, she’s still dishing out affirmations in the form of pop bops, and her new track “I Do” is no exception. Albeit brimming with conflicting lyrics, the tune soars with Cappa’s saccharine vocals as she describes the yo-yo drama of relationships. “‘I Do’ is a slight departure from my previous singles because it is a little more emotional and raw lyrically,” Cappa explains. “I wrote it after going through a pretty bad breakup. It’s about knowing that you shouldn’t take someone back and everything in you should be able to walk away from it but for some reason you can’t.” Say yes to “I Do” below.