HOST got a ‘Taste of Your Love’ and now she’s ready for something else

Fast Tracked: This new electronic-pop bop glistens around the edges but takes no bullshit at its core


One of the more intriguing additions to our 2019 playlists so far has been HOST. We’re not going to pretend to know everything about this fresh-faced Irish singer, but we do know a bop when we hear one, and her new single “Taste of Your Love” strikes a confident electro-pop beat in the face of relationship disappointment. This glistening new track, which highlights today’s sparkling Adolescent Content EP, is a break-up song about those who let us down the most. “Have you ever had someone you really care about do something so idiotic that it makes you look at them in a completely different light?” HOST asks. “‘Taste of Your Love’ is that lingering bad impression that I just couldn’t shake, and everything built with this person, this solid foundation, just turned to quicksand. It’s sad really… this idiot, that you still adore nonetheless, has now forced you to cut them out and change your entire life.” We’ll leave the bad impressions up to foolish lovers; our first impression of HOST is that she’s worth keeping around.